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SEM RPM offers its clients a wide range of online marketing consulting and strategic internet marketing services. We aim to provide excellence and expertise in a number of relevant and trending online marketing channels across all business verticals. Beyond our many years of search marketing experience, we also offer vertical-specific expertise and serve both mid and large-sized businesses with varying resources and economics.

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Video Marketing

Online video marketing is a commonly overlooked part of search engine marketing strategy for many companies. With the appropriate setup and deployment, online videos can promote your brand, gain additional rankings within search engine results and have the potential to go viral. You can embed links in your videos to attract users back to your website, or you can direct users to specific landing pages that lead into your conversion path.

Online videos can help with brand reputation management by overcoming negative press within search engine results. SEM RPM also gives clients the opportunity to place sponsored listings on YouTube, either with in-video placements or with targeted ads driving users to a branded YouTube channel.

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